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Custom Software made in the USA - for use anywhere.

We program large applications or smaller projects and utilites. We support AI and Chat GPT for business. We make websites of any kind, work with databases, create reports, help you store, move and transform data, and do system programming. We can help with cloud systems or your local private infrastructure.

Based on Long Island, New York, we support software and systems world wide.
Made in the USA

Who We Are

A team with decades of experience helping our clients become more productive; we've created hundreds of complete applications, thousands of reports and system utilities, and installed hundreds of servers and operating systems, and local office networks. We have the skills to help you get your job done.

Where are we? In Setauket, NY. You probably have never heard of the place, but George Washington knew it well, and I'm sure was proud of the people in it -

What we do:

We both make custom software and keep it running. We can create and maintain the infrastructure needed to run the programs we or others write.

Hardware and systems that supports the software.

Solid Security to protect your investments.

Databases to store your information and feed reports.

We're there for you with rapid US-based phone support.

We also create mobile Apps

We make API's to feed your systems.

We create all types of custom software - for personal computers, local office networks, or the internet.

For the cloud or web; full programs or utilities.

Programs or websites of *any* kind

Custom business software our specialty. ERP. CRM (Customer relationship management). Accounting. Inventory. Communication. Etc.! We have the skills and experience to create custom software for your business. Programs or websites tailored to your needs,and budget.

We develop custom software applications for our clients using various programming languages, thus allowing our team of experts to deliver you the best possible solution. Our services cover a wide range of industries and we have been working with businesses for more than 34 years.

- or any of these on phones and tablets -

Bring your data and reports to mobile; Apple or Android.

On personal or office computers: we can also craft reports, utilities, as well as complete applications.

We enjoy working with Linux but also support Microsoft and Apple.

We set up and maintain local servers and LAN's

For programming on personal computers or office networks: for database work we use MYSQL or MS Access, and for general coding Python, C#, Linux shell or DOS batch file scripting. For web work we favor PHP and Node, and many other tools.

Outside of classic programming we also do data engineering, and report creation.

Do you have substantial amounts of data you need moved to another location, or into another format? We do that. Do you need reports generated from stored or real time streams of data? We do that too. We can create reports ourselves using most any language, and also know common reporting tools such as Tableau and MS BI

We also make or modify system control procedures for Linix or Windows servers

We create system scripts for automating business tasks or system control processes. Need to automatically move data or email? We can make that happen for you. Need to perform backups automatically at a certain time? We can also analyze log files or conduct forensic analysis of the entire system after a hack.

We're masters of every aspect of computer use for business. Such as:

System Administration

We keep your system running, monitoring its performance, and fixing problems as they arise. We have extensive knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as proficiency in network administration, data recovery and backup, virtualization, and cloud computing. Computer system administration is a broad field that encompasses the management of computers, networks, and information systems from a technical perspective. System administrators manage the physical and logical configuration of computer systems, as well as the security and integrity of data stored on those systems. Linux and Windows server and network installations and tuning.

Data and databases

We know: MYSQL. MongoDB. Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server. MS Access. Flat text files -

Our team has spent years in the field, working with government agencies, non-profits and 100's of private companies to create innovative solutions for data analysis and management. Our consultants have worked with clients ranging from large corporations to small start-ups, and have helped them build systems that are robust enough to support thousands of users while remaining flexible enough to adapt to new needs as they arise. We bring this expertise to each project we undertake, applying our knowledge of data modeling, analytics, and reporting solutions in order to provide you with an end product that meets all your requirements.

Software design

We’ve made hundreds of applications – and have become good at listening to clients and good at translating your ideas into working systems that are easy to use. We are happy working with you in any way you wish. If you have copious documentation and samples of screens and reports this can be of help to us, but we can also just talk and develop a sense of the system, and then create sample forms which can be adjusted to your satisfaction.

Dev Ops (development and operations)

Is a modern phrase for making the software and being able to keep it running. As is clear in this site, we not only program great applications and utilities but we can design and then set up the computing systems to host the software - and we can maintain it all. And because we’ve done this all hundreds of times we can save you money - we can recommend the minimum necessary hardware for the job – as we know what’s needed and what’s not. We can set up the hardware (if local) or configure the cloud or offsite servers. We can install the operating systems on the servers. We can then install software – ours or other’s. We can get these systems talking to each other and the rest of the world, need be. As for maintenance; we can monitor the system to catch problems before they disrupt operations and we can repair systems when they break.

Reporting -Data Analysis

While we are experts in Microsoft's BI and Tableau, we are able to create reports by hand using most any modern programming language. We've written hundreds - perahps thousands by now - of reports. We've pulled the data from many kinds of data sources and we've made them look good with charts and graphics, but sometimes just done raw text dumps - depending on the needs and inclinations of the client. We can host the data and reporting on the web - or on your local home computer. Have a report you'd like done? We can write it.


Cloud computing support

We've set up cloud servers on the Amazon system (AWS) as well as on Google's, Microsoft's and Rackspace's. We can do this for you, as well as guide you in whether or not it's cost effective to buy your own hardware or go into the cloud.

Computer consulting

As you can tell from reading the rest of this site, we do more than write software. We've been in the field with our customers doing everything that needs doing for decades: supporting hardware ( computers, printers, routers, firewalls), seting up networks (LAN's and WAN's), installing software ( our's and other's) and traning you and your staff in how to use it.


Our latest work:

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