Some thoughts on how to make a website:

Some think it far eaiser than programming. You think it’s easy?

Or perhaps easier than doing “real coding”? Sometimes it can be – but even the most simple site demands a good deal of knowledge. You must start with the content, imagine perhaps a simple web page, with no code, no JavaScript or PHP, just HTML and perhaps some CSS. Do some writing, try to make it look pretty, and there's your web page. Done?

Now you have to host it -

But then what? You have to host it –

It's got to sit on a computer that's connected to the internet.
We can buy you a place on the web, or make you one – perhaps a virtual server from AWS – And then we need to establish a means to get the file we made up to the cloud, to the web server; we can do this with FTP or SSH. And then we must configure the web server software. We like Apache but are happy to work with Nginx. If it’s a “virtual site” (one of many on a server – which we can set up for you) we have to tell the web server where on the machine it is and what it’s name is.


No, not Done!

How do your clients get there? We have to configure the DNS of the domain registrar to point to the IP address of the new site. Then you can type “” on any web browser and get taken there. Done! Done?

Not if you want people to find it and know how many did and from where – So next is Google; we’ll make a Google Analytics account for you, get a tracking code and place it in your page. Done? Maybe. But best if we measure our SEO and make adjustments –

We’ll do this all for you.

And more. .