Custom system software USA

We write custom system software and modify and manage existing controls.

We can install or modify your operating system.
We can tune it's secondary systems.

System software: at it’s heart this is the programming code that is your computer. The operating system consits of the processes that keep your machine working on your business programs. It reads the storage, makes and finds the files, displays information on your screen and communicates with the outside world.

We can install a whole new operating system on a computer, be it one in your office or a virtual computer in the cloud.

Beyond this are a multitude of secondary system processes, many of which need occasional tuning or updating.
For an older example; if you connect a new printer to your local computer you’ll need to update your printer drivers.
Or you may need to adjust setting for your firewall, allowing a new piece of software to run or communicate with your machine. We can make these adjustments.
Or you may need to install an updated SSL certificate for your web server.
Or modify the web server itself. Or change the DNS settings for your website -
Or you may need to upgrade your copy of Python, or Java.
Or you may need to make adjustments to Microsoft’s patches or Linux updates.
Or you might like to automate some of the many things you do regularly, such as sending email or doing backups.
We do all this and more -