Custom websites made in the USA

We make custom webites, as they're software, too.

What kind of website do you need?

A website can have many uses; to sell, as in a storefront site, or to present your business to the world (and perhaps find new customers), or to share data about the business to your employees or customers. Sites are also used, of course, to blog (to share your writing) and for news. We’ve made examples of all of these.

Our process includes:

-Initial consultation to discuss your project needs and goals

-Discovery phase where we identify content requirements, design concepts and development strategies

-Design phase where we create mockups of different designs and user interfaces (UI) based on agreed upon design concepts/requirements

-Development phase where we build the final product based on approved mockup designs

Generally you'll want your site to be easily found by new users, this is known as “search engine optimization”, or SEO.

There are two ways of having your site at the page top of a Google search; paying Google for a good placement, or having a well written site that naturally ("organically") appears on the first results of a search.

We’re experts at designing and writing sites that do well with naturally good SEO.

There are, however, limits to any native SEO in highly highly competitive markets. In other words if your site is one among many in a web saturated market like real estate, or consumer goods, we may suggest paid advertising with Google; we can assist in this process too.